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UPGREAT (UPGR8 OÜ) is an Estonian-owned company and forms a group with iDeal and Valge Klaar. We are the largest seller of used and repaired Apple devices in Estonia. 

Upgreat grew out from the Valge Klaar team. Some customers wanted to trade in used old devices, while other customers wanted to buy those used Apple devices for themselves or their children. We decided to fulfil that need differently than other providers on the market by offering Apple devices with a warranty conveniently, affordably and by not compromising on the quality of customer service nor repairs. By autumn 2021, Upgreat had operated for one year, during which we had several thousand satisfied customers and saved together more than 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The feedback from our customers regarding our customer service and used Apple devices is still high – 4.8 out of 5. Thank you, customers!  

We sell. Devices sold at UPGREAT mainly come from two places: from partners and regular customers. We work together with Valge Klaar and iDeal brands in Estonia, Latvia and Finland to offer high-quality products. All devices are quality-checked by certified technicians and we provide the products with a 24-month warranty. 

We buy. Customers receive the value of their old Apple device in 48 hours after sending their used phone or computer to us by parcel terminal or bringing it to our store.

Do you know what happens when you buy a used phone or computer instead of a new one?The air is cleaner and you have more money left without compromising on quality! How come? Every device takes energy to produce, and the more powerful the device, the more energy necessary to manufacture it. According to European standards, the CO2 impact of every factory producing electronics and every product is greatest mainly due to production and delivery to customers. For example, the production of one smartphone emits on average 20-40 kg of CO2. In the case of laptop production, the figure is as much as ten times higher, at 250-450 kg. These emissions are eliminated if devices are passed from one user to another because then there is no need to manufacture new devices. It is also worth mentioning that the price of a reused product is more affordable while the technical condition is comparable to that of a new device!

Let’s save the planet together and cut back on CO2 emissions with every product bought from us.


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