Warranty terms and conditions

The warranty is applicable only in Upgr8 OÜ stores. Upgr8 OÜ warranty is applicable only if you hand in the device together with a purchase document that was issued during the initial purchase of the device.

UPGR8 provides devices sold to natural persons with a 2-year warranty from the sell date of the device. Companies are provided with a statutory 1-year warranty.

In addition, this warranty does not cover physical damage, for example dents, cracks, water damage and wear and tear.

The warranty is applicable only if the device is handed in together with a sales invoice. Warranty work is carried out only in UPGR8 OÜ stores or by an authorised service provider.

Warranty covers the repair of any defects, unless they are mentioned below.

The warranty does not cover (a) consumables, for example, batteries or protection layers that obviously wear down over time, unless the fault was caused by material or production defects; (b) cosmetic damages, including scratches, dents and damaged plastic parts of ports; (c) damages that are caused due to the device’s use with other products; (d) damages caused by accident, misuse, incorrect use, liquids, fire, earthquake or other external reason; (e) damages caused by the use of the Apple product without following the user manual, technical data or other instructions regarding the Apple product; (f) damages caused by servicing (including version updates and extensions); (g) Apple products whose function or capacity have been modified without the written consent of Apple; (h) defects caused by usual wear and tear or Apple product’s usual ageing; (i) defects if any Apple serial number has been removed or defaced; (j) situations where the product has been stolen or Apple has received information from an executive body and has reason to believe that the product has been stolen.

Upgr8 OÜ is not liable for interferences and defects caused by the use of this product. Upgr8 OÜ is not liable for damages related to your business, loss of profit, data or opportunities.

Before sending an Apple product to warranty service, make a backup copy of the data in the device’s storage medium, remove any personal data and disable all passwords. The content of Apple device’s storage medium may be deleted during service works, the storage medium may be replaced and/or formatted.

If you submit a valid claim under this warranty, Upgr8 OÜ performs the following at its discretion:

(1) repairs the Apple device, using new or previously used parts that are on par with new ones when it comes to functioning and reliability; or

(2) replaces the Apple device with a device whose functions are at least on par with the Apple device and comprises new and/or previously used parts that are on par with new ones when it comes to functioning and reliability; or

(3) returns the purchase price, provided that you return your Apple device.

Replacement products or parts or repaired Apple products will continue to have the original Upgr8 OÜ warranty or a 90-day (ninety-day) warranty beginning with the date of the replacement or repair, whichever is the longest.

When purchasing, the Customer confirms that they understand Upgr8 OÜ warranty terms and conditions and agree to them.

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