• 3-month warranty
  • Option to send the device by post
  • Certified repair technicians
  • Short deadlines

Maintenance and repair of Apple devices

Our ambition is to give Apple devices a new life. We carry out repairs to a high standard and dispose of old parts in an environmentally friendly way. Repairing the device instead of buying a new one saves more than 20 kg of CO2 emissions and helps the planet. We provide maintenance services for Apple iPhone and Apple Mac devices. We have the capability to replace major parts such as the battery or the rear glass to original specifications. You can find a more detailed description of services and a price list below.

UPGREAT is an Estonian-owned company and forms a group with iDeal and Valge Klaar brands. We are the largest seller of used and repaired Apple devices in Estonia.

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Consultation – starting from €15, depending on the duration of the consultation

Identification of defect – €15

Regular maintenance – Dust cleaning, adware removal and inspection – 25€

Hardware maintenance – Dust cleaning and replacement of thermal paste – 45€

No diagnostics charge is added if the device is repaired.

Software work – starting from €20, depending on the nature of the work

Data copying and recovery – starting from €20, depending on the nature of the work

Motherboard repairs – starting from €49, depending on the nature of the work

*Work not included in the price list is conducted at an rate of €49/hour
*Spare part prices are subject to change based on availability. Ask for a quote for models and works that are not listed
*All prices include VAT – EE 22%/LV 21%

To view the Upgreat “Maintenance and repair work” price list, select a category:

iPhone repair

MacBook Pro repair

MacBook Air repair

iPad repair

Watch repair

  1. Create a back-up of your device.
  2. Switch off the Find My iPhone function or log out of the iCloud on your device.
  3. Remove the password or screen lock from the device or e-mail the password to us at hooldus@upgreat.ee. In the case of a computer, create a separate user account for the maintenance.
  4. Remove all accessories from the device – screen protector, phone case, SIM card, etc.

Guide to switching off Find My iPhone

Forgotten your Apple ID username and/or password?

Try restoring it by following  these instructions or contact Apple International Support on 8000 044 333.

More information about the maintenance and warranties of Apple devices:


How do I submit my device for maintenance

  1. Fill in the paperwork for the device in our online store, then select a parcel machine to use.
  2. We will send a box to the parcel machine which you can then use to securely send us your device. You can also send the device to us on your own.
  3. Securely pack your device. Send the parcel back with the same code you used to open the parcel machine.
  4. Enter the error description when placing your order.
  5. We will do a diagnostics check on the device and send you a quote for the repair costs.
  6. If you agree to the quote, we will perform the work.
  7. We will send the device back to you once the invoice for the work we have done has been paid.

Take the following into consideration when sending us your device

  1. Maintenance normally takes one or two working days.
  2. Sending and receiving parcels normally takes one or two working days on top of the time spent on maintenance.
  3. Pack the device in such a way that it can cope with being dropped from a low height (liability for which rests with the courier).
  4. Be as specific as possible when wording your maintenance request and the description of the problem.
  5. By submitting your device for maintenance, you agree to our terms and conditions.
  6. Switch off the Find My IPhone function. Diagnostics cannot be conducted on devices where this function remains active. Guide to switching off Find My iPhone

For further information, call  +372 6001120 or e-mail hooldus@upgreat.ee.

Service terms and conditions

We carry out all repair works related to Apple devices. Warranty repair work is carried out only in regard to products sold by Upgreat.

By bringing your device in for service, you agree with the service terms and conditions:

  1. You can pick up your device from service after you have paid the invoice.
  2. Devices that have suffered water, electrical, humidity and/or mechanical damage are serviced as paid work only and in the case of such damage it may happen that:
    2.1. during the service process, it becomes evident that the device has suffered damage to the extent that it cannot be repaired;
    2.2. the device becomes completely unusable during the repair process, which makes it impossible to return it to the customer in its former state;
    2.3. the device may exhibit new defects after being serviced, because it is impossible to determine the extent to which the device is damaged due to the aforementioned damage.
  3. Due to the nature of service, we cannot guarantee that customers’ data are preserved.
  4. Upgreat does not assume responsibility for problems that occur due to the normal wear of consumable parts (batteries) during servicing.
  5. Upgreat does not guarantee the preservation of any casings, protective glasses, films and stickers during servicing.
  6. Repair work and spare parts used therein are subject to 90-day warranty period.
  7. By sending their device by post or bringing it in for service at Upgreat, the customer understands and agrees with the service terms and conditions.
  8. Please note that after repair work, the product may no longer retain its original water resistance, so we recommend paying special attention to its use in humid conditions.

Upgreat undertakes to protect the privacy of all of its clients. As a result, we have developed privacy policy principles covering the collection, use, transfer, publication and storage of client data. We exercise due diligence to guarantee that our activities are in accordance with EU and Estonian law. More information about our privacy policy is outlined hereunder.

The collection and use of your data

Personal data are data which are directly or indirectly linked to you as a person and which are collected and processed by Upgreat to fulfil a contract with an individual, to establish contact or to comply with obligations arising from law. Personal data collected by Upgreat may include a person’s name, personal identification code, address, phone number, postal code and e-mail address.

We may collect personal data in the following ways:

  • When registering for maintenance at one of our branches or online
  • When submitting a technical enquiry to our e-mail address
  • When entering your contact details on our website
  • When using the website (via cookies)
  • When carrying out a purchase, placing an order or enquiring about a price in our physical or online stores or via e-mail

The collection and use of non-personal data

We may also collect non-personal data, i.e. data which cannot be linked to a specific individual. This can include data about activity on our website, which are collected for the purpose of statistics as well as in an effort to provide a better service to our clients. In our privacy policy, we treat such data as non-personal data.

The use, storage and deletion of your data

We use your personal data to send you notifications about maintenance, to inform you about your order or enquiry or to let you know about product news and promotions. We also use e-mail to send you offers that are not transmitted in any other form and are available only in this manner. If you do not wish to be on our newsletter mailing list or to be informed of product news or offers, you can unsubscribe at any time, thus removing yourself from the list of recipients. If required, we will also use the data to send you special notifications regarding manufacturer-issued safety announcements and recalls.

In addition, we will use the personal data to deliver products and otherwise fulfil our obligations to you.

If you agree to the terms of the Upgreat privacy policy, you provide us with your consent for the processing of your data. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by submitting a written request to this effect electronically or on paper. Consent cannot be retroactively withdrawn.

In regard to maintenance, Upgreat also processes data via an online environment (a maintenance database) that is managed by a third party, and the server which stores the data is located in the EU. This third party may also be a contractual partner whose objective is to provide a financial service or transport merchandise to the client. Upgreat stores personal data for up to five years from the date of your most recent order or maintenance. When storing the data, we are also guided by the requirements of the Accounting Act. If you would like us to delete your data from our information system, request this in person or e-mail us at info@upgreat.ee. When your data is deleted, all of the personalised benefits you have received will come to an end.

Personal data protection and security

Upgreat implements all possible measures (technical, physical and administrative) to protect your personal data. Only authorised persons have access to and the ability to process such data. We do everything in our power to prevent your personal data from leaking, but if you believe that your data have leaked, then please notify us immediately so that we can assist you in mitigating the damage. If requested, we may provide your data to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate or other relevant authorities. All data on the Upgreat website, in our online store and in our maintenance database are encrypted and are considered confidential information.

Privacy policy conditions

Upgreat retains the right to amend the conditions of the privacy policy, notifying the clients whenever we do so. We vow that the objective of our privacy policy is to protect your data and that we will ensure that it is always kept safe in the best possible manner. Under no circumstances do we sell client data to other parties nor do we use data for immoral purposes. If you have any questions regarding your data or our privacy policy, e-mail us at info@upgreat.ee.

If you feel that your rights regarding personal data have been violated, please inform us of this. However, if required, you can also contact the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate directly. The inspectorate is the national authority on data protection, whose objective is to deal with appeals related to the protection of personal data or to gather additional information.

*UPGR8 OÜ is the controller of the client data and also owns the Upgreat brand.

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