Hire purchase

The payment by instalments is offered by ESTO, Inbank, Telia and TFBank as shown below. The payment by instalments can be chosen in the cart when placing the order by choosing the relevant service as the type of payment

ESTO 3-part payment method

Pay in 3 equal parts. In 3 months. No fees. Just pay later!

Use ESTO 3-part payment method to pay for goods or services – pay for your shopping cart in three equal instalments, without any fees!

Add products to your shopping cart, confirm the order, select ESTO 3 as your payment method, and sign the transaction conveniently using the Smart-ID or Mobile-ID solution, or your ID card.

  • No additional charges will be added, provided that you pay the cost of your shopping cart in full and on time within three months.
  • The monthly instalment amount is calculated by dividing the value of the shopping cart into three equal parts.
  • All citizens of the Republic of Estonia in the age between 18 and 70 may apply for the use of ESTO 3.

ESTO 3 payment method is provided by ESTO AS.
E-mail: info@esto.ee
Telephone: (+372) 622 52 52


UPGREAT installment

You don’t wish to pay the entire amount at once? Pay in instalments, over a period of up to 60 months!

Use the UPGREAT installment to pay for goods and services – the most favourable, the most convenient and the fastest hire purchase link in Estonia!

Add the desired goods to the shopping cart, confirm your order, and select the UPGREAT installment for the payment method. When paying, select the preferred period, the amount of the monthly instalment, and sign the transaction conveniently using the Smart-ID or Mobile-ID solution, or your ID card.

The UPGREAT installment is an extra-fast and convenient payment solution that helps to prepare for you a payment schedule for the payment period you have chosen. This payment solution takes the decision in real time, and helps you to complete your purchase within less than 60 seconds.

ATTENTION! Every installment is a financial obligation. Before signing a hire purchase agreement, please review the terms and conditions of the respective service and, if needed, consult a specialist.

The provider of the UPGREAT installment is ESTO AS (reg. code 14180709).

Standard terms and conditions of the UPGREAT installment:

  • Interest rate from 0% to 11.90%
  • Contract fee starting from 0 euros
  • Period – up to 5 years

All citizens of the Republic of Estonia in the age between 18 and 70 may apply for the UPGREAT installment.

Every financial decision involves risks and obligations, and therefore you are advised to carefully consider the need for using any loan products. Example: with the loan amount of 500 euros, the loan amortisation period of 24 months, and the fixed interest rate of 11.90%, the annual percentage rate of charge will be 38.25%, the annual instalment amount – 28.69 euros, and the total amount paid by the consumer will be 688.56 euros.

Inbank payment solutions

Inbank payment method will make shopping even more convenient. Split your purchase amount into several equal parts – easily and without any additional fees. Inbank payment solutions are a smart way to buy everything you need at once, without sacrificing choice. 

The purchase will be confirmed within a few seconds.  

Inbank pay next month

  • Pay by the 25th of the next month
  • For purchases worth 30 – 800 €
  • 0 € additional fees

Inbank split into parts

  • Pay in 3 equal parts
  • For purchases worth 75 – 2500 €
  • 0 € additional fees

    Inbank hire purchase gives you more time to pay by helping you spread the purchase amount over up to four years.

    Interest rate 10.9%
    Contract fee €0
    Down payment €0
    Monthly administration fee €0,9
    Period 4-48 months

    The annual percentage rate on instalments is 21.25% on the following sample conditions: price of object of contract when paying immediately (net price) €500, credit amount €500, down payment €0, contract period 12 months, fixed interest rate 10.9% calculated on the purchase price, contract fee €0, monthly administration fee €0,9. Monthly instalment €46.39, total amount of credit and repayments €556,67.

    The credit provider is Inbank AS (licence no 4.1-1/31, seat of operations Niine 11, Tallinn, tel. 640 8080). Before entering into a contract, review the terms and conditions of the contract in question and if necessary, consult an employee of Inbank AS or another professional.

    PLEASE NOTE! Each hire purchase is financial obligation. Before entering into a hire purchase contract, review the terms and conditions of the respective service and consult a professional where necessary.


    Telia hire purchase

    With Telia hire purchase you can buy goods from the UPGR8 e-shop and stores under the following hire purchase conditions:

    • Hire purchase contracts up to a total amount of €3200.
    • You can choose the period of the hire purchase (12-48 months).
    • The interest rate is up to 21.9% and the contract fee starts from €9.90 (from €150 onwards, the contract fee is €15.90 and from €200, the contract fee is €19.90).
    • You must be at 18-75 years old to enter into the contract.
    • You have a stable net income (at least €300 per month)
    • Foreigners must have a long-term/permanent residence permit.

    Why opt for Telia hire purchase?

    Credit limit

    Self service enables you to see your personal conditions, for example, interest rate, contract fee and unused credit limit. We respond to the application immediately (when assessing your creditworthiness, we take into account the requirements of responsible lending). You do not have to be a current Telia client


    Contract fee and instalments are invoiced by Telia Eesti AS. In order to make payments as easy as possible, we recommend establishing a standing order in the bank most suitable to you. Hire purchase instalments are paid on the basis of an annuity schedule, which means that the monthly payment is fixed for the duration of the period.

    Early termination

    If you prefer, you can pay the hire purchase instalments prematurely without additional fees and future interest. For that you have to submit a written application to Telia to terminate the contract. Upon early termination, the rest of the hire purchase instalments are added to your next Telia monthly invoice.
    If you have any questions regarding the products (warranty cases, defects etc.), please contact UPGR8. If you have questions regarding the hire purchase, please contact Telia customer service by phone 123.

    The annual percentage rate of charge is 26.2% on the following sample conditions: price of product when paying immediately €500; contract fee €19.90; duration of the credit agreement 48 months; fixed interest 21.9% calculated based on the monthly outstanding amount. The total repayment paid by the consumer is €785.22, which includes: product payments €500, interest expense €265.32 and contract fee €19.90. This is a financial service advertisement.

    The financial service is offered by Telia Eesti AS (licence no. 4.1-1/17, address Mustamäe tee 3, 15033 Tallinn). Before entering into a contract, review the terms and conditions of the hire service and consult a professional if necessary.


    Hire-purchase terms and conditions:

    • Interest rate from 0%
    • Period 3-60 months
    • Downpayment 0%
    • The cost of goods purchased with hire-purchase must be within €100-7500

    The cost of goods purchased with hire-purchase must be within €100-7500Hire-purchase terms and conditions:

    • Customer age 18-75.
    • Permanent official income into a personal bank account, such as a salary or pension.
    • No payment defaults.
    • Identity document (valid ID card, passport of the Republic of Estonia).
    • Permanent residence in the Republic of Estonia.

    Selecting payment in instalments when entering into a Sales Contract

    • In order to apply for hire-purchase, you will need to submit, in addition to the application, a document proving your identity (ID card, residence permit card or passport of the Republic of Estonia).
    • A decision on the hire-purchase application is obtained immediately, after which you can sign the contract.
    • The contract fee is added to the purchase price.
    • Instalments are paid to TF BANK AB Estonian branch on the basis of an invoice.

    For more information, please contact a customer service employee!

    Note: This is a financial service. Hire-purchase is offered by TF BANK AB Estonian branch. Read the terms and conditions at a point of sale or consult our expert. The monthly hire-purchase payment is €52.85 and the annual percentage rate of charge is 26.77% on the following sample terms and conditions: cost of the product/service €1000, downpayment 0%, annual interest rate of 12% on the initial amount, contract fee €19, administration fee €0.99, hire-purchase period 24 months, with monthly annuity payments, in the total sum of €1268.40 and the total sum of repayments being €1268.40.

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