Fresh approach for New Year: clear out your cabinets, sell your dust-collecting Apple devices

The expensive month that is December has now passed and there may be quite a few households in which people have found a new Apple device among their gifts. Thus, now is time to embrace the new year with a fresh approach: clear out your cabinets and get those old Apple devices that are collecting dust back in rotation – you’ll end up with extra space at home as well as some extra money in your bank account. Keep in mind that the simplest way to get rid of an old device for a fair price is to sell it to Upgreat!

Within the framework of the Upgreat buy-back programme, we’ll gladly buy back older and worn-out Apple devices in order to refurbish them and put them back in rotation. With this approach, everyone benefits when you sell back those devices that are collecting dust – an acceptable fee will arrive in your back account within 48 hours, someone else will soon have a used Apple device and the environment will have a little less e-waste.

Why should you sell your old device to Upgreat?

You can sell used Apple devices in a couple of ways – either on digital marketplaces or on social media. On the face of it, these two options seem like the most reasonable for cashing in on old devices, but the situation is actually a lot more complicated and usually a great deal more annoying as well.

Social media platforms and digital marketplaces are often full of scammers, hucksters and tricksters who are trying to get the device for free or who expect to receive a near-mint device when purchasing a used device. And if this doesn’t materialise, they often turn their frustrations towards the seller. People should keep in mind that when they sell their device on a platform, they have to handle the logistics themselves, which means ensuring that the iPhone or Mac reaches its new owner in one piece.

This is all in sharp contrast to the experience to be had should you collaborate with Upgreat. We’ve attempted to streamline our process to make it smooth and convenient, ensuring that getting rid of an old device takes only a couple of minutes. Needless to say, we will handle the logistics and you can always be certain that after we receive the device you sold us, the agreed fee will arrive in your bank account within 48 hours.

You need follow only four easy steps in order to sell your dust-gathering Apple device to us:

  1. Discover the value of your device
  2. Wait until the empty box we send you arrives at your place
  3. Use said box to send us your iPhone, Mac, iPad or Watch
  4. Keep a watchful eye on your back account – the money will arrive within 48 hours

That’s all there is to it! In addition to all of the above, you don’t have to worry too much about the precise condition of your old device or about the fact that you cannot turn it on. We’re delighted to buy devices that are working well and in mint condition as well as older phones or computers that cannot be turned on anymore. You should keep in mind that if the device is in better condition, you can expect a higher price.

How much is my old device worth?

Your old device’s worth depends on how old it is, how well it works and whether it has sustained substantial damage. Each device has a certain value, but if it’s newer or better-maintained, the price you can get for it will be higher as well.

If you’re selling a device to us, you can characterise the product: whether it can be turned on, whether it has been damaged and whether the Apple product finding mechanisms are turned on or off. Our algorithm uses the data you provided us to make a calculation, and if the price is acceptable to you, you can move on to the next phase of the process.

The specific price of your device is available here, but you can also get a brief overview of the buy-back prices (with the same attributes) here:

  • iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB), Find My iPhone off, can be turned on, zero damage to screen and casing, device doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear – €297.
  • iPad Pro (11”, 2. gen, 512 GB) – €517.
  • Apple Watch (Series 4, 40mm, GPS, with the charger) – €77.
  • MacBook Pro (2021, 14″, 1TB, with the charger) – €1722.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) – €771.

When you evaluate your device, you don’t need to be concerned if you cannot accurately evaluate a certain aspect. If we receive the device and our technicians detect that something is different from what was originally mentioned, we will automatically send you a new price quote. We will send your device back to you at once if you aren’t happy with the new price quote. Our experience so far has shown us that this is something that occurs extremely rarely.

Learn more about Upgreat’s buy-back programme here!

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