What kind of computer is suitable for a school-age child?

Parents face an issue at the beginning of the school year as to what kind of computer they should purchase for their child. If the prices of new devices seem too steep, then it’s worth checking out high-quality used computers.

A computer becomes an essential tool for school work at a certain age. Computer use teaches children responsibility and crucial digital skills from a young age.


An Apple Mac is a great choice for school-age children – it’s simple to use and parents can easily keep a watchful eye on what their child is doing on it.


Recommendations by age

Prices for used Apples sold by Upgreat range from €200 up to €3000 or more. Our recommended computers based on your child’s age are set out below. Recommendations by age

A computer for a child just starting school. A child of this age doesn’t generally need a computer for school work, but instead is learning about the exciting digital world for the first time. t would be great if the child could discover the computer on their own, doing things such as editing pictures and surfing the Internet. The MacBook Air 2017 would make a great first computer for them

A computer for a child in primary school. Primary school pupils require a computer for doing school work and projects. A computer is also required for communication, taking part in online classes, creating videos and getting some practice playing exciting games. As such, the computer must feature the most common word-processing programs, and the computer’s processor and memory must be adequate. The MacBook Pro 2017 Retina will be sufficient for a teenage computer user until the end of high school.

A computer for a child in high school. The requirements of the computer are essentially the same, as it will be used for further school work. The computer’s size and weight are now more important, because the child must take it with them to school. The MacBook Air 2019 Retina fulfils these conditions, and could certainly be used in the future at university.

High-quality computers retain their value

High-quality computers have an advantage over others: they are better at retaining their value, so when you sell a used Mac, its price doesn’t decrease as quickly as that of a new Mac computer. Regarding Apples, their moral ageing rate is slower as well. Because in most cases, whereas another 10-year-old computer is already a ‘classic’, a Mac of the same age can still do its job and won’t make the person using it angry due to slow speeds.

Additionally, purchasing a used device supports a green, lower-consumption approach to life, as the production of every new device emits several kilos of carbon. As such, if a used but otherwise perfectly good computer is used for a few extra years, then they won’t manufacture a new device in some factory to replace it, and the greenhouse gases heating up the climate won’t be emitted.

How to purchase a used computer

Purchasing a used Mac from Upgreat is entirely safe. You can come in to our shops to choose one, you can order a device you like in the online store to be delivered to our office to check it out or you can make a purchase in the online store directly, from which we will send the computer to your chosen parcel machine free of charge.

All Macs sold by Upgreat are technically inspected and cleaned by Apple-certified technicians. You can be sure you won’t find any programs or passwords of the previous user. From a visual standpoint, the computers are valid and look almost as good as new. Essentially, the purchaser gets the same device they would have gotten if they had purchased it new a few years before. The price is more affordable and the computer is not in its original packaging.

Upgreat provides a two-year warranty on purchases made by private clients. The warranty for business clients is one year: the same as for new devices. Our company was the first in Estonia to give used Apple devices the same warranty as those purchased new. Find out more about Upgreat’s warranty here. Reduce your environmental footprint without compromising on quality! From our selection, find a Mac computer that is reliable, easy to use and designed for school-age children! Find out what is on offer here: www.upgreat.ee

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