What should I keep in mind when buying a refurbished phone?

The most important thing to check when buying a refurbished phone is that it comes with a warranty. That way, you can return it if it has any faults.

Aside from that, you’ll also want to check what grade it is to make sure you know what you’re getting. If you get a grade A phone, it should look as good as new and will be in full working order. If you go for a grade B or C, it will likely have a scratch or two but should still work properly. We’d recommend avoiding grade D phones unless you’re able to repair it yourself.

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Do refurbished phones have new batteries?

Before a refurbished phone is resold, the battery will have been through rigorous testing to make sure it’s in full working order. In some cases, this may mean that the battery has been replaced. But most of the time, it will be the original battery that has been restored to its original condition.

Do refurbished phones come with a warranty?

Warranties with refurbished phones depend on where you buy them.

Buy from UPGREAT and you’ll always get a 24-month guarantee.

If you’re buying from an individual or private seller rather than a official trader like UPGREAT, the process of getting a refund is more complicated and could depend on the written description of the phone on the listing.

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