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Lauri Põld – rating 4.5

“I have bought a lot of my devices from the secondary market”.

When I buy a device from UPGR8, I can rest assured that it has been quality-checked and tested by technicians and therefore in good condition. When buying from a private person, you never know what hidden flaws might come up in the future, so I’m willing to pay more for peace of mind.

A reused Apple device is generally a good choice, because I’ve realised over the years that Apple products are durable, and the risk is therefore lower. And, of course, the good price/quality ratio of a reused product and the total cost of the device over the years is significantly lower (especially if I ever sell it, as Apple products do not tend to lose their value).

The risks are hidden defects and the natural capacity loss of lithium batteries, but fortunately, the battery can be replaced in the official store if necessary.”

Olivia P – rating 5

“Reusing Apple devices is a very commendable act – especially from an environmental perspective.

Similarly, users who don’t care about removing the packaging from a new phone can get a phone or a laptop with a good price/quality ratio.

I’m very happy with my used iPhone – it’s powerful and I know I’ve made an environmentally friendly choice.”

Kaspar L – rating 4

“I’ve used a refurbished iPhone 7 for almost two years and it was my first Apple device. I was very sceptical regarding the technical specifications and price of Apple products compared to Android devices. However, iPhone 7 changed my opinion and the device fulfils its function very well.”

Kairy K – rating 4.5  

“I use Apple products and so do my children, because Family Sharing enables me to easily manage the devices of the entire family. New devices are quite expensive, especially considering the tendency of teenage boys to drop their phones. This problem has been solved more affordably by buying used devices for my children.”

Rainer Ross – rating 4.5

“4.5. There have been some small scratches but that’s all and it’s understandable. 

I would say that the price difference compared to a new device is considerable and if you buy a reused device from an official store, you feel more safe.” 

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