Why should you consider buying used Apple devices?

Do you know what happens when you buy a used phone or computer instead of a new one? The environment is healthier and you have more money left without compromising on quality! How come?

Every device takes energy to produce, and the more powerful the device, the more energy necessary to manufacture it. According to European standards, the CO2 impact of every factory producing electronics and every product is greatest mainly due to production and delivery to customers. For example, the production of one smartphone emits on average 20-40 kg of CO2. It is ten times greater when producing a computer: 250-450 kg.

These emissions are eliminated if devices are passed from one user to another because then there is no need to manufacture new devices. It is also worth mentioning that the price of a reused product is more affordable while the technical condition is comparable to that of a new device!

Upgreat buys used devices, restores them and finds them a new owner

All products that end up being sold in the Upgreat (online) store have passed a comprehensive quality-check in five stages. The device is subjected to a comprehensive technical and visual inspection by technicians, which is followed by repairs with original parts, if necessary. Both the appearance and functionality of phones and computers will be critically reviewed and checked. In addition, technicians perform software diagnostics as well as clean and service the device. The technicians also check separately that the device is not locked or blacklisted, that it contains only original parts and that it has no water damage.

There are two ways to see water damage: Apple devices have sensors that change colour when they get wet. Sometimes, however, the liquid will only leave a trace on the electronic board and everything will seemingly work, but Upgreat will not sell such a device, because water damage can be a tricky thing – it can start affecting the device as soon as in a day or in a year.

Products also have a warranty

After servicing, the devices are checked again to ensure that they work perfectly. Any device that Upgreat sells must meet the customer’s expectations and perhaps even exceed them! Furthermore, customers can be sure that they are not left on their own if a problem should occur after buying a used device. Upgreat provides a 1-year warranty for the customer. When you order your product from the online store, we buy it back or exchange it for another product within 14 days if a problem should occur. The warranty does not apply to the battery; however, even the battery of a new device lacks a warranty.

Upgreat often uses replaced original batteries in its products or the customer is told exactly what the capacity of the used battery is. This means that transactions are honest and transparent and the customers happy – nine out of ten customers are satisfied with the appearance and technical condition of devices sold at Upgreat!

Can I sell my old device to Upgreat?

Devices sold at Upgreat mainly come from two places: from partners and customers. Cooperation with Valge Klaar and iDeal brands in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. Devices are also repurchased from regular customers. Upgreat transfer the customer the value of the used Apple device within 48 hours and the device can be sent to Upgreat by SmartPOST or Omniva across Estonia. Read more about repurchase at https://en.upgreat.ee/device-repurchase/.

Upgreat, who offers used phones and computers, started its operations at the end of 2020. During this six-month period, several thousand devices have already found new owners, and this has ultimately resulted in saving over 500,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

Come and see what Upgreat has to offer in our e-shop https://en.upgreat.ee/ or visit our stores in Tallinn.

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